Lab Capabilities 

Mallard Ink is well equipped to handle the formulation and evaluation of a wide variety of ink systems - including oleo resinous litho, UV litho, UV flexo, UV screen, aqueous flexo, and soon-to-be released aqueous inkjet.  Additionally we formulate our soy-based bioseries inks and varnishes. Our staff of chemists and color matching specialists can produce the right ink and coating for each application. 


Our lab capabilities extend beyond simply rheological analyses - Mallard Ink is equipped with the following:

  • Brookfield R/S Rheometer
  • Brookfield Viscometers: DV2T & DV-II
  • Adamel-Lhomargy Falling-rod Laray Viscometer
  • Horiba Particle Size Distribution Analyzer (CAPA-700)
  • DropWerks, Model 200 Drop Watcher (inkjet analyses) 
  • Ink tachometers - oil litho and UV litho 

Additionally, the Labs at Mallard Ink are fully equipped for systematic formulation and blending of lab-scale ink batches.