Since 1986, The Offset Blanket Company has provided customers with converted printing blankets and customized bars for virtually every printing press.

We founded The Offset Blanket Company in 1986 with the belief that customer service doesn’t end when the doors are locked in the evening. Both I and manager Mark Schlegel have been committed to ensuring our customer’s presses have keep running for nearly three decades.
— Gary Lee, Founder

Blanket Conversion

We convert a myriad of printing blankets from Day International, David M, and Phoenix. The Offset Blanket Company was the first Phoenix Dealer in the United States, and has been a dealer since the early 1990's. The Offset Blanket Company supplies products to markets in the US as well as Canada and Mexico. 

We carry over 30 blanket styles in stock, including:

  • Sticky-backed blankets
  • 2, 3, 4, and 5 ply blankets for conventional and UV 

Additionally, The Offset Blanket Company offers a Private Label blanket, the 2800. This product has exceptional life and printability. The ground and polished surface features the best qualities of the highest priced materials at a much lower price point. 

Customized bars

We offer an array of customized bars, with dozen of bar profiles, including:

  • 49 aluminum bar profiles
  • 5 steel bar profiles for sheetfed presses
  • 28 pre-glued steel bar profiles for webfed presses

Additionally, we are equipped to handle mylar backed blankets, and customized milling and drilling of our bar profile offerings. 

Rapid Turnaround 

Orders for blanket conversions are filled within 24 hours. 


Equipment Snapshot:

  • Hydraulic presses:60 ton, 72 inch; 110 ton, 96 inch; 2 heated platten, 82 inch
  • Alfa 90 inch pneumatic sheers 
  • Acra mill
  • Ternes Punch